Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are You?

Development Manager

How much does Mapovis cost?

Mapovis is a highly cost effective solution. To provide a quote we first need to meet and discuss your requirements. If you would like to understand how pricing is structured please request a pricing guide.

Can I use Mapovis on existing projects?

Yes. Mapovis can easily be integrated into existing websites.

Who updates lot availability and house & land packages?

Generally your land sales team would take the responsibility for keeping the information on the website up to date.

What happens when new stages are released?

You inform us of what has been released and we take care of the rest.

Land Sales

Does Mapovis integrate with our CRM?

Yes. All leads collection forms can connect into your CRM and can pass through important information including which lot of land or house and land package a prospective buyer is expressing an interest in.

What training and ongoing support is provided?

Regardless of how simple the system is to use we believe in spending face to face time training users. We are always on call to assist.


What features can be turned on and off?

Almost all features can be turned on or off to suit your requirements. We take you through these configuration options and help you decide on what will work best for your project.

Can the look & feel of the system be customised?

Yes. We understand that the look and feel of the system needs to fit elegantly within your website. The colours and styling of the system are highly customisable. We style the system according to your brand guidelines. You can make your own fine tuning thorough an administration control panel.

Can we use custom icons and markers?

Yes. All the icons and markers can be specific to your development.

Can we control what marketing content is displayed?

Yes. You can have 100% control over what content users see when they click to find out more about community features or external amenities.

Can we select which nearby amenities are shown to website visitors?

Yes. You can decide on the categories you wish to display, what nearby amenities should be highlighted and the iconography you wish to use.


Does Mapovis work on tablets and mobile?

Yes, and Mapovis features a mobile specific web app of the interactive master plan.

Are there any technical dependencies?

Almost none. Only jQuery is required.