Mapovis for Land Sales

Watch the introductory video for an overview of the features and benefits Mapovis provides.

Interactive Master Plan

Mapovis features a patented interactive master plan viewing system which integrates a land estates master plan with the Google maps system. The system has been designed to answer the most important questions prospective buyers have, including:

Where is the development?
What community features are avaliable?
How far to work?
Public transport options?
What's located nearby?
What lots are avaliable?
What H&L packages are avaliable?
What fits my criteria?

Mapovis answers a prospective buyers most important questions online, ensuring the land estates website generates the maximum number of sales leads and prepares website visitors to take the next step in the customer journey - visiting your sales office.

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Land For Sale Directory

A website of a modern residential development needs to show potential buyers (and your network of builders) what land is available for sale.

Mapovis provides your website's visitors with an easy to use searchable directory of land for sale. It is simple to implement and quick to update.


House & Land Directory

Mapovis makes it easy to provide a searchable directory of ‘House & Land Packages’ on your land estates website.

House and Land packages can be published on the site in less than two minutes, saving countless wasted hours in administration time.


Important for Land Sales

Easy to Update

Mapovis makes updating lot availability and house & land packages on a land estates website fast and easy.

Saves Time

It only takes a few minutes to update. How long is it currently taking you to keep the site up to date?

Top Class Website

Answers the most important questions at the first port of call. Collect more leads & drive more people to your sales office.

Mapovis in Sales Office

Mapovis can be used as a sales tool within sales offices. Present the development in an interactive format.

Easy to Implement

Fast and easy to implement for new and existing developments. Take advantage of the benefits in a matter of weeks.


Choose the features you want and those that you don’t. The look and feel of the system is fully branded to your development.

Managed Solution

You don’t need to worry about undertaking a complex in-house technology project.

Innovative Statistics

Improve your decision making. Discover what lots, packages, amenities etc are receiving the most interest.

Watch the introductory video for an overview of the features and benefits Mapovis provides.

Questions? Check out the FAQs for Land Sales.